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Since 1983 we have brought the finest fruit to your tables.


Since 1983 Beauty Fruit has selected the finest produce while supporting the growers in each step of the production process and checking the full respect of qualitative standards. Don’t worry: we saw the birth of what we bring to your tables.


We deal with the supply chain and guarantee punctuality, efficiency and reliability thanks to a perfectly organized logistics network. We are specialists in custom-made solutions for the large-scale retail trade, both in terms of packaging and types of goods. Caring for the environment and for our customers’ health are our binding principles.

A smile with a juicy taste

About Us

We select the best plantations.

We study focused and customized packaging solutions for the large-scale retail trade and we are able to satisfy each of our customers’ needs with punctuality and precision.

Our strength is helping producers to grow, as they are the real centerpieces for every company in the fruit and vegetable market. We start from a high quality product and we create a winning attitude by improving the whole process of the supply chain.

Warranty and seriousness

Caring for the environment and for our customers’ health are our binding principles.


Any questions?
Please contact us at info@beautyfruit.it

Beauty Fruit di Fucili Osvaldo & C SAS


SEDE: via Venezia 5, 2400 Chiuduno (BG)
info@beautyfruit.it – Tel. +39 035 4496447 +39 035 4427001 – Fax +39 035 839072


DEPOSITO: via Ponte Tuoni 23, 44030 Tresigallo fraz. Roncodigà (FE)
ferrara@beautyfruit.it – tel. +39 0533 601311 – Fax +39 0533 482030


C.F. e P. IVA 01426160162 – R.E.A. Bergamo N. 205153 – R.E.A. Ferrara N. 203734 – RUP 03/1174 – B.N.D.O.O. 0025146