Our roots have allowed us to grow.

Our passion for our land and its products, our ties to traditions and our focus on seeking out new solutions have always characterised our work. We have grown progressively, staying true to our values and origins while constantly broadening our horizons and expanding our perspectives.
Our activity in the fruit trade is a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, adapting to changes in the market and in consumer demands.
We have an excellent understanding of what customers want, as we started selling fruit from door to door, before moving on to shops, street traders and restaurants.
To guarantee the consistent quality of our fruit, we have always worked in close collaboration with farms, working together to develop the most suitable solutions for harvesting and packaging.
Today, our fruit appears on the shelves of large-scale retail outlets and our field is the world. But we never forget the strength and the significance of our roots.


From the plant to the table, we are always there. Over the course of our history, we have become progressively more specialised in tailor-made solutions for large-scale retail both in terms of packaging and product variety.

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Seriousness is always fruitful. Look at the technical data sheets of all our products.

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Professionalism runs in the family. We leave nothing to chance, focusing on the smallest of details

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